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Getting Started

Everything you’ll need to know to begin

Our resellers are top-rated sellers with extensive marketing experience in the leading eCommerce platforms, they will publish your products with your brand name on their online shop. This means that your products will be promoted on the storefront of the Top-rated sellers in leading platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc….

By simply clicking here, you will go through a short registration process that will immediately create a brand account for you. SellerOps system will automatically import all the products from your existing store so you won’t have to list them again. Now, you just have to promote your products on our Global Inventory and wait for resellers to discover your products.

SellerOps does not charge any monthly fees, startup costs, or listing fees. Our priority is to increase and create more business for our brands. To keep our operation sustainable, we only charge 3% commission for the business we provide you.

As part of our policy, SellerOps requires the resellers to specify the maker’s brand in their product list so their customers will also be aware of your brand.

Great, now your items are uploaded onto the Global Inventory and visible to a network of top-rated resellers. Once they have made a sale, SellerOps systems will notify you by your email and the order will appear on your Orders tab.

You can either set (or edit) a permanent shipping policy on your profile page or on the product promotion pop-up for each of the item that you promote.

SellerOps resellers are constantly looking for great product opportunities. Make sure that your price, handling time and photos are attractive enough and you will be on your way to success!

All of your products should appear on My Products tab. Just choose an item that you want to promote by clicking on Promote Now button and fill in the short promotion tab.

Sure, once an item of yours is featured by a reseller, you will be able to directly discuss anything regarding the sale process through the Chat tab.

Once an item of your is sold, a notification is sent to your mailbox. In order to view all the shipping information, please click on the Orders tab in your SellerOps account.

SellerOps is able to read your shipping policy from your existing online store. Your shipping policy is will be available to our sellers so they can take it into consideration when selling your items.

Currently, SellerOps’ payment method is only supported by PayPal. However, we are working on our payment integration and would appreciate any feedback through our Support Tab or through an email request.


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