Frequently Asked Questions

for Online Resellers and Buyers

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You can publish SellerOps products on any online sales channel, unless the brand that owns the product restricts the specific distribution channel or region. The policies should be clearly explained on the products page and if no such policy is listed, you can sell the product anywhere online.

No, you are not required to hold any inventory yourself. If your customer orders a product, you should simply place the order on SellerOps with the necessary customer information. The brand owner will get an instant notification and ship the product to your customer.

Once your customer orders a SellerOps product through your online store, simply log into SellerOps and click the “Create New Order” button on the top right of the dashboard. From the pop-up menu, you can select the product that your customer ordered and input the relevant shipping information and specific instructions. Once the order is successfully submitted, the respective brand will start preparing and shipping the product to your customer. You can track the shipment and the entire process under the “Track Orders” tab.

Depending on the enrolled plan, you can import from 50 to unlimited number of products to your store: With our Free plan, you can important 50 products and with our Starter plan, you can important 500 products. With our Growth plan, you can import 1000 products. Finally, our Pro plan offers unlimited product listings. Feel free to check out all the details about our plans, here.

Once you’ve selected a product to sell in your store, paste your product listing URL link onto the SellerOps product page so we can connect your listing with our virtual product inventory. Once your product listing is connected to our inventory, you will receive real-time alerts regarding inventory changes via email and notifications on your SellerOps dashboard.

Any product should have a return policy set by the supplier in the product page. In the case of a dispute with an unsatisfied customer, you will be able to communicate with the suppliers directly through the Chat Tab. And of course, you can always contact the SellerOps’ support team and they will be happy to assist you. 

In the Promoted Products tab, all the products are readily available for you to list on your online store. The Explore tab, on the other hand, contains products that are not yet available for sale. By hovering over the item, you can click on “Request item,” which will send a notification to the supplier that you are interested in selling their product. Once the supplier decides to promote the product, you will be notified via email and through your dashboard so you can list such product on your store

Sure, SellerOps allows you to directly contact any supplier by clicking on the Send Message button at the item page. Once you click on it, you will be able to directly discuss anything regarding the sales process through the Chat tab.

SellerOps brands are trusted private suppliers whose products cannot usually be found on the large eCommerce platforms. Our brands are looking for online marketing experts to promote their products and are encouraged to supply an attractive discount for their items.

Absolutely not, we are aware that the large eCommerce platforms take a significant cut off your margin and that is why we only charge a monthly subscription regardless of the number of items you list or sell.

You can learn more about our pricing plans here or start your 60-Day Free Trial here.

Our platform uses a freemium model, which means that you can source 50 products per month with us for free. However, after the 50th product, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee according to the different pricing plans we offer. To pay for the plan of your choice, you will be asked to provide your credit card details. Feel free to view our different pricing plans here or start your 60-Day Free Trial here.


Sync up to 50 products to your store for free! 

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