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Frequently Asked Questions |Pricing 

What are the costs of using SellerOps as a brand?

SellerOps simply charges a 3% commission-fee only for the sales sold through our platform. There is no setup fees, no platform fees, no recurring payments, and no listing fees.
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Do I need to pay a listing fee to promote my products?

No, promoting your products onto the Global Inventory is completely free. SellerOps does not charge a listing fee.

Does the 3% commission fee on each sale include the shipping costs or is the 3% purely based on the product price?

The 3% commission fee is purely derived from the price of the product when it was sold to the reseller and does not include the shipping fee.

If I connect my Etsy store to my to SellerOps account, would Etsy also charge me a commission fee when I sell a product through SellerOps?

No, our sales do not go through Etsy. Syncing your Etsy store only syncs your inventory and imports your products. You will not be making sales through Etsy at any point so you will not be subjected to Etsy's commission fees.

What is the payment integration? Do I need to enter my credit card details?

Currently, our payment method is only supported by PayPal. Both your payment for selling a product and the commission fee will be through PayPal so no credit card will be required.
*We are looking to diversify our payment integration such as Payoneer and would appreciate any suggestions here*

How and when do I receive my payment after my product is resold by a reseller?

After you ship your product to your reseller’s customer and provide us with the shipping number, your payment will be transferred to your PayPal account.

How and when would I be charged for the 3% commission fee?

After you receive your payment for selling your product, we will request an invoice of 3% of the transaction to your PayPal account.

Can I delete my SellerOps account anytime?

Yes, you can delete your SellerOps account any time. We follow the GDPR regulations when deleting your account to respect your privacy and data.

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